Oertel Handmade - Classic Maple oversized 10 ribs

A handcrafted gentlemen's umbrella with a continuous stick
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A high-quality gentlemen's umbrella which stands comparison to any british umbrella. Shaft and handle are made of one natural piece of Canadian Maple wood. The wood is stained and has received several coats of lacquer. This umbrella is probably the most solid and best quality made today. The canopy is made of a deep-black polyester twill fabric with small woven effects. The frame consists of 10 ribs and an extremely solid shaft of 20 mm diameter. All technical details normally visible are sewn with fabric making them invisible. No plastic parts are used for this umbrella. The umbrella comes with two holding straps, each with a mother-of-pearl button. It comes with a case made of the same material as the canopy turning the umbrella into a solid walking stick. We also include a black cloth carrying bag to protect the entire umbrella, including canopy and handle.