Neue Zürcher Zeitung about umbrellas

Neue Zürcher Zeitung about umbrellas
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We found this article in the NZZ - Neue Zürcher Zeitung. We can fully agree with the analysis.
The Umbrella The cold, wet season brings it to light: Many people can afford extremely expensive low-cut winter tyres and perhaps a cuddly cashmere scarf, but even with the umbrella it suddenly stops with the generosity. Everywhere they walk around with badly functioning, tattered, crooked umbrellas, printed with logos, faded and simply horribly cheap.  You have to ask yourself: What use are expensive hairdressers and luxury cosmetics if you don't also allow yourself a noble roof over your head? You leave an umbrella somewhere every few weeks, most of these green umbrella holders will quickly say now. We counter this in the old Stalinist style mullah manner: carelessness or stupidity is no excuse for bad taste!  A good, exclusive and personal umbrella is the perfect expression of thoughtful elegance. We have already met very fine gentlemen who went so far as not to buy an umbrella "off the peg", but to have it made to measure by the Italian umbrella maker in Florence instead. Why? Because an umbrella, when closed of course, can also be a walking stick, which takes into account the individual body size  We don't want to go quite that far, but we still want to speak out for more beautiful and chic umbrellas. Bright colors and free umbrellas, which were given as advertising gifts by banks, insurance companies or local radio stations, are pfui. Besides, they usually don't last through the season because they are so lousy made  ladies look good with a lined umbrella that hides the metal rods behind fine fabric - this also protects the hairstyle that can't get tangled up in them. Burberry has such a model, in the typical check, of course. Gentlemen prefer to wear a dark umbrella made of matt shimmering (artificial) silk, although the stick umbrella is definitely the more elegant choice than the compact squirt. However, this is a good addition and should be kept ready as an umbrella for emergencies or as an accompaniment. Of course a gentleman gives preference to the lady underneath the umbrella, but he still holds it in place himself. Jeroen van Rooijen
6 years ago
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