Umbrellas to California? You bet!

Umbrellas to California? You bet!
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The sales figures showed it for a long time. Although it hardly rains in Southern California, a significant part of our US business comes from the Sunshine State. For a long time we wondered why our umbrellas are so popular there, now a long conversation with an enthusiastic customer put us on the right track. Many Californians take a vacation to the East Coast once every few years and find that they lack most of the East Coast wardrobe when they prepare for their trip. This includes an umbrella that is appropriate for the occasion - from Eruopean Umrellas, of course.
By the way, Australians are also diligent umbrella buyers. Here it's not so much the cultural context but the weather. Many of our umbrellas are used as sun protection. Some years ago we had extra pocket umbrellas with UV protection in our program, especially for Australia.
But back to California. It is also interesting that Californians often choose similar umbrellas. Top of the list by a large margin is our Handmade Classic I (Link to Shop) followed by the Handmade pocket umbrella glencheck maple (Link to Shop). We are seriously considering whether we should offer these two umbrellas together as an "East Coast Culture Package". 
4 years ago