Umbrellas from everyday object to art object

Umbrellas from everyday object to art object
Today we have received an invitation from the "Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel" in Switzerland to the exhibition "Umbrellas - from everyday object to art object" Michel Heurtault's museum pieces from 1750 - 1970 and his latest creations".
The whole world is inundated with cheap umbrellas from Asia, but only a few still hold out against them, including a small craft workshop in Paris, with materials from the past and a unique savoir-faire. 
The exhibition features over 400 museum pieces from days gone by, including the latest creations. But also the various individual parts of an umbrella from the knobs in the shape of dogs or cats to yard goods in old lace and historical embroideries to the frames made of whalebone or metal are on display. The umbrella can look back on more than 4000 years of varied history. The oldest piece in the collection was produced by Jean Marius. As the inventor of the triple foldable umbrella, the Sun King Louis XIV granted him exclusive trademark rights for five years at the beginning of the 18th century.
As we hardly miss anything in the field of umbrellas, we had already discovered this and took a wonderful photo of the museum in Basel.
9 years ago