European Umbrellas in the Press

European Umbrellas is widely covered in the press. This section offers an overview of the most interesting stories about us. We are currently expanding the international section. Currently the films shown below are unfortunately only in German language.


Portrait about European Umbrellas (Schirm Oertel)

"We won´t leave you standing in the rain" is the idea behind this film. The bad weather at the time inspired the film team and of course our CEO comments corretly "every raindrop is a kiss from heaven". (length 2 minutes)



European Umbrellas supplies the G8 Heads of State with umbrellas

The G8 summit held in Germany required the best umbrellas for the Heads of States of the G8 countries. Of course, European Umbrellas provided the umbrellas. The film team took the story further and asked which others uses are possible for umbrellas in case of sunshine and exptected opposition the G8 summit. (length 2:40 minutes)




A TV station came to us to test three pocket umbrellas. A test team should decide after extensive tests which umbrella they would prefer. Our CEO was the expert in this little experiment and commented on the umbrellas after each test. The umbrellas used are a Knirps Fiber-T1 also available in our store and two cheap umbrellas. Strangely, the test team chose on of the cheap umbrellas which was not able to complete even one test - but watch for yourself.  (length 5:40 minutes)


RTL at Schirm Oertel

During the relatively rainy summer of 2002 the RTL TV staff posed the question of whether you can draw conclusions about personality based on the type of umbrella a person carries. Where better to learn about this than with us! (Duration: 2 minutes)