Brigg - Ash Wood

Ash with bark handle, hallmarked Sterling-Silver collar with Royal Warrant
Lieferzeit 3-4 Wochen/delivery time 3-4 weeks
Delivery time
2-3 days
€425.00 €357.14
A typical British gentlemen’s umbrella with a grey/green shaft. The handle is handcrafted using steam to shape it, and retains ash wood's typical natural bark. This is a light wood with a lot of character and charm. The canopy is made of a high-quality deep black nylon-twill fabric, especially woven for Brigg. The frame is made of tempered steel in order to withstand even "worst case" English weather. As with all Brigg umbrellas, there is a Mother-of-Pearl button closure. A cover fits the umbrella and we will deliver a beautiful black bag to protect the whole umbrella including the handle. Please note: 
The handle is embellished with a hallmarked Sterling Silver Royal Warrant collar engraved with the coat-of-arms of the Prince of Wales.
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Brigg - Ash Wood | European Umbrellas Brigg umbrella - Ash Wood Brigg umbrella - Ash Wood Brigg umbrella - Ash Wood