Brigg - Cherry Wood

Cherry, hallmarked Sterling-Silver collar "Brigg London" - the most elegant Brigg
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This indeed is a typical British gentlemen’s umbrella, and probably the most elegant and popular Brigg. The shaft and handle are made of one continuous and solid piece of wood. The handle and shaft are highly polished in order to highlight the vibrant and slightly reddish play of the cherry wood colours. The canopy is made of a high-quality deep black nylon-twill fabric, especially woven for Brigg. The frame is made of tempered steel in order to withstand even "worst case" English weather. As with all Brigg umbrellas, there is a Mother-of-Pearl button closure. A cover fits the umbrella and we will deliver a beautiful black bag to protect the whole umbrella including the handle. Please note: 
The handle is embellished with a hallmarked Sterling Silver collar.
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