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Oertel Handmade - ash wood Oertel Handmade - ash wood Oertel Handmade - ash wood Oertel Handmade - ash wood Oertel Handmade - ash wood
Oertel Handmade

Oertel Handmade - ash wood

ash wood, continuous stick, a rarity

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A handcrafted gentlemen’s umbrella with a continuous stick (meaning shaft and handle are made of one 20 mm natural piece of wood) of ash wood. The umbrella´s handle is natural wood, with the dark bark giving it an unmistakable look. It took several months of work on the handle to achieve the result. The outer part of the handle has been bent and the inner part has been compressed. During this procedure most handles break or the bark rips apart. Only the few perfect ones end up on this umbrella – perfect craftmenship. The canopy is made of a deep-black polyester twill fabric. It comes with a case made of the same material as the canopy. The 10 black lacuered ribs are especially stable. All technical details normally visible are sewn with fabric making them invisible. The umbrella comes with two holding straps, each with a mother-of-pearl button. We also include a black cloth carrying bag to protect the entire umbrella, including canopy and handle.

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Oertel Handmade

For our "Oertel Handmade" umbrellas we order the most exclusive handles made of precious woods, a variety of natural cane materials, as well as nickel-wood combinations, sterling silver, hand-sewn buffalo leather, and mother-of-pearl. We have these umbrellas covered with the most select fabrics from Great Britain (such as original tartans) and Italy. Fabric from the latter country is mainly made in Como on looms used for producing the finest ties. We place great value on using only the best possible frames (e.g., the unbreakable frame made of tempered spring steel), as well as our own 10-piece frames on a steel shaft with 67 cm ribs. All materials, except the handle and canopy, are made of steel, with no plastic parts used at all. These umbrellas are individually handcrafted.
 Only after the overall combination meets our quality standards does it receive the "Oertel Bremen" band on the handle. We send these umbrellas out already with a two-year guarantee, to face any weather, since our demand on the manufacturer is for a product which is extremely strong and robust - and made for the worst English weather!