Knirps - X1 - navy

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The Knirps X1 is not an umbrella like every other. On sunny days it stays tucked away in a small case, and can be hung on a purse, belt, or backpack. When it rains, then this Knirps really shines: a surprisingly large canopy appears, made of densely woven microfibres. After use you briefly shake it out, and the fabric is dry in the twinkling of an eye. It can then be put away again in its attractive case. Small and flexible, employing clever technology, this light mini umbrella is an all-round harmonious product and a good choice in every respect. The fabric is high-quality matte calendar microfibre material with outstanding water repelling ability. The handle is made of special soft-grip material. The frame is made of anodised aluminium with eight ribs. The two additional ribs on this hand-sized umbrella give it the stability other mini umbrellas lack. Wind-tunnel tested up to 88 km/h. Manual opening and closing with an innovative and secure runner which prevents fingers from being pinched, and which can be operated with ease in rain and cold. Perfectly packed in a water-repelling box the same colour as the canopy. The box has a distinctive zipper for safe storage, and an innovative hand-strap with a special fastener for attaching it to a belt, suitcase, etc.
Knirps - X1 - navy | European Umbrellas
Knirps - X1 - navy | European Umbrellas Knirps pocket umbrella - X1 - navy