Television PRO7 - Mary Poppins flies with an umbrella from European Umbrellas

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The knowledge magazine Galileo of the television station Pro Sieben broadcasts a report on the subject of storms. It reenacts the fairy tale of Mary Poppins and her flight over London and the question whether this is even possible. Among other things, it tests whether a person with an umbrella in his hand can take off and fly in front of a large fan. All commercially available umbrellas failed and broke in the process. One call to us in Bremen and we have provided a normal handmade umbrella of our Oertel Handmade Sport series for the very last test. Then on April 13th the expected fax arrived with the result: "It worked! She flies!". Nobody really believed in a successful attempt, because all umbrellas used so far broke during the tests. We were sure that our "Oertel Handmade Sport uni-red" will stand the test and the protagonist of PRO7 will take off. The attempt was successful, Mary Poppins flew!
The contribution was broadcast at prime time and reached between two and three million viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately, we no longer have the contribution as a video. We are trying to get a copy.
19 years ago