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Knirps Fibertech

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Knirps Fibertech Knirps Fibertech Knirps Fibertech Knirps Fibertech Knirps Fibertech

Knirps - Fiber Line - Fibertech-Automatic - black

The new high-tech pocket umbrella from Knirps

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This is the new high-tech pocket umbrella from Knirps, with its 10 unbeatable advantages: Ultralight due to the use of the new carbon reinforced fibreglass frame with brushed black finish - Extremely stable because the frame is more flexible than with all previously used materials - Carbon used in connection with unbreakable solid joints keeps this light Knirps Automatic in shape just like a steel frame would - Torsion-free black anodised shaft with no springs - Large canopy with eight ribs cut in the classic "round" style - Long service life-time because this frame won’t rust (DIN 50017) - Easy to use due to the automatic opening mechanism - Dries quickly because the deep-black microfibre canopy is Teflon coated - The interplay of all these high-tech components guarantees that the umbrella will stand up to strong winds - Backed by a two-year quality guarantee - Please note: We’ll ship you the new model of the Knirps "Fiber-Line". The "Fiber-Line" with a black canopy has a black handle, whereas the other colours have a silver/grey handle.
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It is well-known that the leading brand sets trends that others in the market seek to follow. Knirps is such a leader, with its guaranteed quality, precision, and innovation making it known throughout the world as the standard for pocket umbrellas. Just as it did 80 years ago, the inventor of the pocket umbrella today still supplies the top products in the umbrella marketplace.
Under the premise "Knirps®. The Original", we have selected the highest quality umbrellas, some of which are made exclusively for us in Austria. In addition, with the Fibertech Automatic and the X1 we offer you recent advancements which put Knirps at the forefront of an innovative future, just as it was 80 years ago. For the lovers of the Knirps tradition the Knirps line “Steel LINE” is an absolutely must. The technology of all Knirps umbrellas is still developed in Germany.